CSR Initiative

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Success is not measured just by performance of our products in the markets, but also by the positive impact our services have on our people country -the United Arab Emirates, the society and the environment.

Creating Barakati

Caring for our workers, our Barakatis, constitutes a major portion of our internal social responsibilities. Our Business is built upon the promise of serving the customers fresh and pure juice straight from the fruit. The life and purity of the juice is supplemented by the happiness and passion our Barakatis infuse into it. The respect for co-workers and the place is what helps the company achieve a sound reputation in the market. Here at Barakat, we strive at creating better people; People who can make a positive impact both at the workplace and outside the office. We call these people Barakatis and they are family.

Barakat runs a program called We Think You that aims at creating practices that facilitate

  • Empowerment
  • Dignity & Equanimity
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Sense of Security
  • Proper Training and Development
  • Right to Information


BQP has its roots deeply planted in the UAE and its efforts will always be in the direction of improving the local community and supporting local causes. For the community, Barakat holds presentations, regularly distributes products, supports local charities and establish partnerships with organizations that share the same ideologies that promote healthy living for a holistic lifestyle.

The two main resources that Barakat gives back to the society are product and personnel. Their consideration for the society has resulted in its close association with schools and organizations that work with students with the condition of autism. We are also associated with several school events and programs that encourage healthy living. 


Barakat Quality Plus is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and is the pioneer of UAE's gourmet landscape to have initiated and successfully implemented environmental ideas. The responsibility towards environmental harmony has always remained at the core of Barakat's development and a holistic approach towards creating minimal Carbon foot prints is at the heart of environmental initiatives at every level.

Considering the functional requirements of refrigeration and extensive usage of water in the processed food industry, we take great pride in our sustainable ideas such as Water treatment, Waste Management, Bio-Grading efforts on a daily basis.

Our Biggest leap in this effort is in the form of our new project in the pipeline, which is a Bio-Gas Plant that will complement our initiative in Building a sustainable environment.