Barakat Quality Plus Wins Dubai Quality Appreciation Award 2015

  Dubai Quality Award; it is a framework that ensures that all different initiatives are pulling in the desired direction. The methodology and main criteria of the award are encapsulated in a model outlined in this document. This model provides organisations with a tool to benchmark performance and document existing gaps. The Dubai Quality Award, initiated in 1994, is based on the Excellence Model used by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The latter has been successfully applied in European private and public sector organisations since 1992.
This model provides a holistic framework for organisational excellence. All nine criteria work as one complete system, such that any deficiency in one area will affect the score in other areas. The model does not deny that the system has parts, but it focuses on the whole, where the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. The model was designed to be non-prescriptive, to acknowledge the fact that there may be more than one approach for achieving excellence. 
We as an Applicant of the Dubai Quality Award demonstrate sustained continual improvement. We focused on the improvement process and not only on winning the award trophy. That is because the journey for excellence and the improvement activities will be much more valuable for organisations than winning a trophy.
It was a journey for a year which started in the month of March 2015, "It was a great exposure for us and a unique learning experience implementing and learning the RADAR approach. In the seminars we were exposed to many best practices and customer-centric approaches that opened our eyes to many possibilities, "We made it a point towards the end to include many key decision makers in the training process and in doing so inculcated in them a wider and more improved scope of operation. It also exposed certain areas of focus that we had gaps and post this we made a focused effort to fill them.

Getting people on the same page is always a challenge and introducing a new model and implementing it on an organizational level is a bigger challenge. However we as a team worked day in and out to achieve the desired results with unified happiness."