Barakat Juice

The cold, pure and flavoursome juices from Barakat are undoubtedly the best-selling products in its category. Uncompromising in its promise to serve it fresh, alive and straight from the best quality of fruits(all around the world), our juices are freshly squeezed with no additives and preservatives and have to be stored at 2°C to 4°C at all times. 

Barakat Quality Plus's Definition of Fresh...

FACT-No preservatives 
FACT-No Concentrates
FACT-Organic Cleaning compounds
FACT-Temperature controlled preparation facility 
FACT-Strict health and hygiene procedure
FACT-Made to order not stockpiled

Juice Preparation

Following the “fruit-to-bottle” mantra, our production line relies on the ability of the workforce to constantly squeeze the juice out of fresh fruits. While robotic machines do indeed help us keep pace with the increasing demand, we rely heavily on human involvement & interaction to keep the quality  of juice intact. At Barakat Quality Plus, men outnumber machines to add the soul and spirit to a beverage that rejuvenates & repairs your health, while at the same time we use computerized machines optimally to produce close to 50,000 litres of fresh juice daily.


Responding to demands across the region and promising freshness and quality in every bottle of juice prepared is a tall order. Hence, we source our products after personally selecting and inspecting suppliers from around the globe – Australia, USA, Europe, Africa, the Far East as well as closer around and in the Middle East. 

Sorting & Storage

Once we have sourced our fruits from different countries & continents, the real task begins. Our Barakatis put on their thermal wears to spend hours in production zones that sometimes go to sub-zero temperatures. The state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that the cool chain from the shippers’ warehouse to the customer’s refrigerator is not broken. Our proven systems of quality control and hygiene ensures that workers are motivated to assure minimum wastage. Human involvement, in this case, becomes imperative to remove the odd unfit piece of fruit from entering the juice processors. 

Juice processing & Bottling

This is a critical phase of converting every raw fruit into the most delicious juice that customers can enjoy. Every fruit juice is extracted with a technique that suits specifically to the produce. With that in mind, the production line is divided depending on categories like citrus fruits, non-citrus fruits & Smoothies. 

All bottling is done as per requirements of the hospitality clients or standardized retail offerings. We are producing in different will volumes such as 5Ltr,1.5Ltr,1.0Ltr,500ml,330ml and 200ml based on the requiremnt.

Order storage & dispatch

The freshly prepared juice at Barakat is best consumed within 3 days. As this clause to one’s enjoyment of the juices in its best form is also written clearly on our bottles, the race begins not at the retail refrigerators, but at the production house. 

It is in our interest to keep up with the mounting orders day in and out and ensure that the final products leave the in-house chillers safely to the right destination. The final bottled juices are carefully sorted against the order lists and transported in custom-designed chiller trucks to either the hotel clients or retail markets. And at the end we ensure timely deliveries such that it reached at your doorstep as required. 

That's fresh! As Mother Nature intended...

Product Range

Ramadan Delight Zaatar Refresher Rose Milk
Berries Shami Rose Kamaruddin Ramadan Smoothie
Orange Juice Watermelon Juice Pineapple Juice
Pomegranate Juice Green Apple Juice Mango Juice
Grapefruit Juice Carrot Juice Mint Lemon Juice
Lemonade Juice Mandarin Juice Guava Juice
Avocado Juice Tropical Mix Juice Strawberry Juice
Beetroot Orange Juice Mixed Berries Juice Strawberry Banana Juice
Laban Mint Juice Mango Mint Juice Black Grapes Juice
Mango Passion fruit Juice Pineapple and Grapefruit Juice Red Orange juice
Green Juice Dates Juice Banana Juice
Kiwi Mint lemonade Lemon Juice Cranberry juice
Mango Smoothie Strawberry smoothie Dates Smoothie
Banana Smoothie Muesli Smoothie Mixed Berries Smoothie
Jallab Karkadi Tamarind Juice
Labanup and Ginger Kamaruddin Areek Sous
Ramadan Delight Zaatar Refresher Rose Milk
Berries Shami Rose Kamaruddin Ramadan Smoothie

Fresh Juices 200 ml to 5Ltr- Product List