Barakat Chef's Range

One of the exciting aspects of Barakat Quality Plus is that its inception involved the creativity and efforts of our dedicated in-house chefs. These chefs reproduce a collection of fine veggie and fruit salad preparations with customer health at the heart of every preparation. Their recent addition to this lip-smacking bag is rich soup and piping hot sandwiches available at the Fresh & Easy Café for the ones looking for superior taste.

Salads preparation

The chef’s range is prepared to ensure that the mix sits perfectly with the palate of the customers and beat their hunger pangs, while at the same time add value to their health and overall well-being. Only the best of quality is maintained while choosing the vegies and fruits that go into the salads. 

Salad packing

The range of salads is accompanied by a dip that adds to the taste and freshness of the veggies. To uphold the quality of the veggies and fruits used in salads, they are packed in sanitized and clean packing materials. Choosing the right package materials for the salads also ensures portability which helps customers to consume the salad with convenience.  

Product range 

Veggie Salads

  • Caesar Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Green Salad

Fruit Salads

  • Fruit Fingers
  • Fruit Sticks

Hot Soups

  • Minestrone Soup 
  • Mushroom Cauliflower Soup 
  • Pumpkin Coriander Soup 
  • Three Beans Soup