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Thank You So Much For Having Us. It Was Great Seeing How Some Of Our Personal Favorite Products From Barakat Are Produced And Made With All Fresh And Natural Ingredients 

Everybody know that Barakat is producing the most delicious drinks ever! I'm totally in love with their fresh juices and oatmeal breakfast drinks! Finally I've got the time to write about the happiness I've enjoyed, thanks to Barakat Fresh&Easy.

#Breakfast was Tropical Fruit#Smoothie from@BarakatME.Delicious #healthy

Loved the Strawberry juice,It tastes real,with pulp on the side

These guys are just an amazing company to work with & the staff are truly awesomely awesome. :-)


Thank you @BarakatME for the green juice!

I have started to get addicted to your juices, every morning fresh juice is all what I want ????

This reminds me of when my mom makes her special #Avocado juice at home

I noticed that each bottle was slightly different in how strong each juice was. I love that it's not exactly the same every time-

If I miss anything in dubai then it will be the pomegranate juice from barakat :(

I love the tropical juice and oats smoothie, I will now look for this too

Someone needs to bring me a whole load of @BarakatME juices. I just need them all!

we always buy juices of barakat …

#Inlove with @barakatme #4ever #barakat #fan :) Thank you shalinipriyanka :)

Great to see a juice bottle carry #socialmedia handles #Dubai @BarakatME

Fun day at @BarakatME which has an inspiring back-story, blog post up soon. Also they can cut a watermelon in 12 seconds

you guys should look into a delivery service. I would order that big bottle of carrot juice each and every day!

Shout out to @barakatme for sponsoring delicious fruit salads & fresh fruit juice for today's @clownswhocare event at Senses. YOU GUYS ROCK

HUGE thanks to @BarakatME for always supporting @ClownsWhoCare events for children w/special needs

Wasn't sure about this but tastes pretty good actually. I reckon this will be a regular pick to work now.

Going to hunt for it. I drink the OJ religiously!

Gotta love @BarakatME for making me a custom passion fruit juice! Thank you! :)

Barakatjuice beetroot+orange tastes so much better than my #homemade remedy!

Thank you for a wonderfully educational day. To see how ur factory is run with love, unity and commitment is astounding. Thank you all for allowing us into your "home" and sharing the fruits of your labor with us 

Thank you so much for having us such wonderful time ,and great to see how you make our healthy wonderful juice ,with love and smile

Thank you for the great morning, it was good to know that all the juices are made with natural fruits and vegetables also to know more about the other products 

Thank you so much for having us and organising this lovely tour and lunch. 

Discovered these two drinks from my visit to Barakat's factories and cafe. I found it perfect for you'll to have during Suhoor or even to break your fast for Iftar They are freshly made, Date and Museli Smoothies Incredibly tasty and filling

The best salad!! The only caesar salad i love eating in dubai!

Love this (dates) smoothie . Wish I could find Ramadan special edition all over the year 

We really need a @barakatmefridge at our place. If that's a thing Can't have enough of these ?. today's#freshjuice include pomegranate, red cleanse , pineapple and orange. They taste extra special during iftar

Love barakat juice!

Tried the Barakat Juices and they taste just real.. The best part is they have no sugar added..

I wasn't expecting the taste to be so good.. Glad I made a healthy choice.. give me some discounts for my daily juice diets 

Green is this amazing concoction @barakatmeloved this stuff

@barakatme you guys have the best smoothies I've ever tried.. I like all the flavors

TriedCharcoal Lemonade only yesterday and it was one of the best shop bought juices I have had. Thanks

From Fresh fruit juices to fresh hearty meals. @barakatme truly deserves more attention that it should considering the great value for your money and the quality of the food served in their quaint shop along Jumeirah beach road. .

Barakat kicking up the juice game in the UAE! Well played!

Red Cleanse by @barakatme is what you simply need!

Heard a lot about @barakatme Red Cleanse and decided to give it a try! It has loads of yummy ingredients such as celery, cucumber, ginger, green apple, red apple, kale, romaine lettuce, hibiscus, spinach, basil leaves and beetroot! AND NO ADDED SUGAR anybody tried it???

So much in a bottle! Tried the red cleanse freshly pressed juice from barakat this morning and loved it.. The contents read healthy to me - hope it surely has those stuff in it .. Decided to replace my daily cuppa coffee with this red shot of goodness, here on..

Who wants to detox? This is a yummy way to get the crap outta you ;)

@BarakatME You're juices are so yumm. They get over on the same day

Favorite drink discovery of the year: Charcoal Lemonade from @BarakatME!


As part of my role being in the medical field and the fitness industry at the same time I can't go ahead and recommend things that are harmful to you, at the same time I can't recommend something that I believe is a waste of your time or money, and my focus is always on spreading awareness to improve your overall health while being a role model to those my age in terms of physique. And I have to be honest I was never a huge fan of detox juices, not when it comes to results and definitely not when it comes to taste, but after all the great reviews I've heard about @barakatme I decided to give it a shot and for the past two weeks I've been drinking one of their detox juices every day and I'm not going to lie I feel and look way much better, my skin looks better I don't look as bloated anymore and my digestion is better too!
My favorite is the red cleanse (ingredient list will be on my story) and not only is it healthy in terms of that, it has ZERO added sugar, preservatives and colors!