Our Mission

Barakat Quality Plus is committed to be the leading producer and providers of quality juice, finest fruits and veggies. We intend to be socially and economically responsible by contributing to the awareness of health, nourishment and be a positive example to everyone we serve. 

Our Vision

"To become the finest producer of ready-to-consume fresh products"

Quality Statement

Service quality - that retains long-lasting relationship with consumers and stakeholders
Honest - stay true to oneself, the market, the environment and every Barakati
Character - integrity that can endure and win over testing circumstances
Proactive – act well in advance
Compassionate – contribute to society’s health and wellness by harnessing the power of humane roots
Innovative – continually and be the solution creator through self-motivation
Exemplified – live the values that propogates the spirit of Barakatism in the society

We use our own in-house laboratory for testing, followed by an independent off-site laboratory analysis.

Our proud Philosophy

Our “fruit-to-bottle” philosophy of production maintains the pristine flavor & freshness of the fruit juice, and helps in restoring vital health benefits to the body that every fruit can deliver. We believe in reaching the heart of our customers through their taste-buds fulfilling nothing short of unadulterated nourishment – What a mother would desire for her child. It is this motherly care and love that reflects in our work ethos and richness in Barakat products.
The secret of our superior taste and success lies not only in our undeterred commitment to serving juice in its purest state, but also in our workforce, who live like members of a family. By challenging the very nature of short shelf life of fresh produce we render utmost freshness and we believe that it is the passion and love of our Barakatis that infuses the juices with energy and sweetness of love. Our relentless pursuit of employee satisfaction gets translated into penultimate customer satisfaction and retention.